The music of Infinity Music Hall & Bistro is now available 24/7 with the launch of The Voice of Infinity Hall, an online streaming radio show hosted by Rick Allison. Featuring the music of artists who have played at the hall or who are coming to the hall, the Voice of Infinity Hall ( ensures that fans of the award-winning hall can get their Infinity music fix whenever they want.

Infinity Hall, Norfolk, CT
Infinity Hall, Norfolk, CT

Bringing outstanding music to the people online is just an extension of Infinity Hall founder Dan Hincks’ original vision. “When I opened the hall in 2008, I always knew I wanted to expand beyond the four walls of the hall itself,” Hincks says. “A few years ago we formed a partnership with Connecticut Broadcasting Network to create the television series Infinity Hall LIVE, next year we open a second Infinity Music Hall & Bistro in Hartford, and now we’re online with the radio. I couldn’t be more excited.”

The Voice of Infinity Hall is DJed by someone well known in the industry in general and in Connecticut in particular, Rick Allison. His career has led him from WYBC to WHCN to WPIX to WPLR over the last 30 years. He’s also worked for ABC, CBS, ESPN, MSNBC, “an alphabet soup” of broadcast clients, as he puts it.

For Allison, going on line with Infinity Hall is the right move at the right time.”Imagine a playlist that covers rock, pop, folk, jazz, soul, blues and more. Imagine programming an on-line radio station that covers that much musical territory to an informed and passionate audience of music fans,” he says. “I am one happy DJ. I have found my radio home on the Voice of Infinity Hall.”

Now in its fifth year of operation, Infinity Music Hall & Bistro is located on Route 44, 20 Greenwoods Road, Norfolk. The box office telephone number is 866-666-6306 or tickets may be purchased online. Visit for complete calendar and other information.

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