Explore your inner artist with a pro at Karen Rossi Studios

Karen Rossi Studios is sure to bring out the inner artist in you no matter what your artistic ability is. Karen is a highly regarded artist well known for her original metal sculptures. Rossi also licenses and imports her whimsical characters of hobbies and professions, known as Fanciful Flights™. A growing brand, Rossi Studios is constantly introducing many programs. The newest additions include Aviv Judaica, and puzzles by Ceaco, Stave and Ravensburger.

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In Litchfield Hills at Rossi’s newly opened studio in Torrington located on 27 East Main Street in the historic Allen Building she has organized a series of classes for the month of November that are sure to delight young and old.


On November 1 Rossi is offering a Mermaid Fanciful Flights workshop. Participants will make their very own mermaid by painting the beauty first, and then attaching charms to tell the story of your sea creature. Materials are included, but you’re invited to bring old broken jewelry, sea glass& shells. $30.00 (Regular $40.00 per person).

Magic Mosaic Boxes are the highlight of the class on November 6 where participants will create a very special box for all their tiny keepsakes. In addition to mosaics, there are lots of mixed media in the studio to help make your piece unique. All materials supplied, but you’re invited to bring your old China plates to smash up! Making mosaics is a great way to let out stress and relax. $25.00 (Regular $40.00 per person).

Peppermint Cat

Shelf Sitters that sit on a table, shelf or desktop replete with dangling legs and shoes will be made on Nov. 8. This workshop is $50 (regular $40).

Sure to be favorites, on November 15 participants will make Christmas Dogs and Cats ($25/$40) and will personalize each one for a one of a kind keepsake. On November 22 participants will Make their own Menorah ($35/$55) and will be able to choose from one of Karen’s lasercut designs. You’ll be given a white menorah to fill with color, add beads and candle cups and you’ll be ready for Chanukah.

For more information and to sign up for one of these fun and affordable classes visit http://www.karenrossi.com. For information on Litchfield Hills www.litchfieldhills.com

Torrington is New Home for Karen Rossi Studios

Internationally known artist Karen Rossi is excited to call Torrington her new home. Rossi’s grand opening is scheduled for June 28 and 29, to coincide with the Open Your Eyes studio tour sponsored by the Northwest Arts Council. The Allen Building at 27 East Main Street will house a gallery, showroom, workspace and classroom area.


Rossi is highly regarded for her original metal sculptures has created more than 500 original characters… celebrating the seasons, holidays, professions, friends and family, children, hobbies and a host of other life-inspired themes. Her whimsical work features metal as well as broken crystals, charms and other embellishments that make them eye catching and unique.


Rossi is most known for her giftware designs known as Fanciful FlightsTM, which she has licensed to major companies, enjoying worldwide sales. Fanciful Flights are metal caricatures of people adorned by charms that tell the story of a person’s hobby or profession. Long before Rossi was involved with arts licensing, her originals were commissioned and collected by the likes of Neiman Marcus, Booz, Allen & Hamilton, lobbies of Hospitals, and the Hartford Courant.


Karen’s themed groupings of artwork include: Animal Kingdom, On the Road, Celestial, Christmas, Halloween, the Glorious Garden, Just for Kids, Paradise Island, Ladies with Red Hats, Festivities of Faith, Bistro, Girlfriends, Celebration and Fanciful Flights TM. For details of this artwork visit http://www.karenrossi.com.


The 27 East Main Street destination will feature demos and crafting workshops including painting on glass and Mosaics. Rossi has been hosting Art Parties for over 30 years and is particularly excited to offer, “Make your own T-town ballerinas and Mad River Mermaids.” The artist has been involved with several CT Art communities and is excited to showcase the work of comrades and guest Artisans from Hartford, New Haven, South, and the Litchfield Hills. The new studio will also feature a clearance area for sales of retired Rossi giftware.