Whizzing Wonders in New Milford & Cooking Class at the Silo

The New Milford Chamber of Commerce is once again hosting a special railroad display that provides special fun for families this year in the Litchfield Hills community of New Milford where visitors will find a lavish display of working model trains.

The 27th Annual Hands On Train Display will again transform the waiting room of New Milford’s restored vintage train station. Four big layouts covering almost 100 feet of track will traverse a Lilliputian landscape of hills, valleys and villages.

Here, visitors are invited actually to take the controls, starting and stopping the action and operating signals and lights. The trains operate daily from noon to 4 p.m. December 22 to 28.
This yearly free event is sponsored by the Greater New Milford Chamber of Commerce, 860-354-6080, www.newmilford-chamber.org. The display is closed Christmas Day.


While in New Milford, don’t miss a visit to Hunt Hill Farm Trust where you will find a 50 foot Christmas Tree beautifully decorated in the gallery. In addition to crafts and artwork, the Silo at Hunt Hill Farm offers a series of cooking classes.

On Saturday, December 27, just in time for New Years, the Silo is offering a Champagne and Tapas class at 6:30 p.m. This full participation class with Chef Jessie Riley and Kathryn Gordon will feature a full menu of tapas plus a sampling of sparkling wines and champagne. To sign up for the calls visit http://www.hunthillfarmtrust.org/index.php?/silo/cooking#December

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