A Furry Point of View Art Show in Litchfield CT

Litchfield, Connecticut artist Elizabeth Wolff is excited to show a new collection of her whimsical mice in an exhibition of her one woman show “A Furry Point of View.” Many other creatures, including turtles, pigs, foxes, and feather-headed chickens, will join her mice in a gallivant across paper for all to enjoy.

For years the townspeople of Litchfield and the surrounding areas have supported this young illustrator as her work has developed and this show will be a celebration of that ongoing friendship.

Since she was a little tyke of 3 or 4 years old, Elizabeth has eagerly devoured countless picture books with illustrations by Beatrix Potter, Jan Brett, Graham Oakley, and Kevin Henkes.

As a spirited color enthusiast, Elizabeth began drawing with bright markers and crayon scribbles at a very young age. Today, she is a young artist seeking to master her media of choice which includes pen and ink, colored pencils and a little dabble of watercolors. Elizabeth finds inspiration from episodes of daily life that influence her characters own unique and comical plots. In the near future she aspires to become a children’s book illustrator and in such a hectic world, people might enjoy the optimism and humor that her fuzzy friends bring to life…inky paws and all. Her website is www.ewolffdesigns.com.

In the gallery: November 1- December 28 at the Oliver Wolcott Library, 160 South Street, Litchfield, CT. 06759. 860-567-8030. www.owlibrary.org. To accommodate the December holiday season, purchased works of art may be picked up at the Oliver Wolcott Library after 12:00 p.m. on Tuesday, November 27, 2012 and immediately upon purchase throughout the month of December.

For area information www.litchfieldhills.com.

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