Fairfield Museum Opens with Election Day Programs & More

Fairfield Museum and History Center escaped Sandy’s wrath and, aside from power loss, which was restored yesterday, November 5th, the Museum re-open today for two special Election Day programs and we are excited about our upcoming programs, which are listed below along with a full range of other exciting, upcoming programs.

On November 6 there are two Election Day programs. The first, Election Day 1864 is from 1:30pm – 3pm. This program is Free with admission. Participants are invited to draw a political cartoon, write and deliver a speech and try out a Scavenger Hunt in the galleries. Also from 1:30 – 3 pm is a History Day Workshop that is free for teachers, parents and students in grades 6 and up. History Day encourages students to build valuable inquiry and research skills, developing fascinating research projects that are entered into a series of regional and national competitions.

On November 8 at 7 pm there is a lecture titled Men of Color! To Arms! The call to arms from impassioned abolitionist Frederick Douglass echoed the overwhelming sentiments of nearly 190,000 men of color that joined the Union cause for the promise of freedom. Learn more with David Koch, Housatonic Community College and David Naumec, Mashantucket Pequot Museum / Manchester Community College. Suggested Donation: $5, Members; $7, non-members.

On Sunday, November 11 there will be a lecture titled Living History: The Civil War Doctor’s Wife at 2 pm that is co-sponsored with the daughters of the American Revolution.. The lecture will focus on the story of Dr. George Bronson, who marched off to war with the 11th Connecticut Volunteer Regiment and his wife, Mary Ann, comes to life. Mary Lou Pavlik assumes the role of her ancestor and shares observations of the War from a Northern lady’s point of view and relates her husband’s harrowing experiences through original letters. Suggested Donation: $5, Members; $8 non-members.

On Veterans Day, Monday, November 12 there is a workshop for kids and a family scavenger hunt. Hardtack & Haversacks takes place from 10am – 12pm. Kids 9 and up will learn about the hardships of a soldier’s life in the 1860s. Kids will make their own hardtack and put together a haversack for storing the important items no soldier would be without. $10 Members, $15 non-members. Please pre-register. At 1 pm there is a Family Scavenger Hunt that is free for teachers, parents and students in grades 6 and up. Participants will learn about the stories of Fairfield’s soldiers and more on a special, family-friendly Scavenger Hunt for Veteran’s Day.

The Fairfield Museum and History Center is located on 370 Beach Rd. in Fairfield. For more information contact 203-259-1598 or visit www.fairfieldhistory.org. For area information www.visitfairfieldcountyct.com.

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